Chase Young

Executive Vice President and Head of Cranmore US

Chase Young

Chase Young has extensive and broad insurance consulting experience, including leading large scale due diligence M&A reviews, M&A integration or divesture projects, MGA/TPA due diligence and onboarding, and litigation management projects for clients. Chase has also conducted and led a number of audits and inspections both inside and outside the US across a range of P&C, A&H, and Life products with varying review aims and technical focuses, and has senior department management experience with ultimate responsibility for claims portfolios exceeding $3B in gross assets.

Job Summary

Chase joined Cranmore after receiving his bachelor's degree in economics (magna cum laude) from the University of South Florida in 2010. His initial focus within the group was on reinsurance reviews, then focusing on M&A and commutation valuations, before moving to a role focused on senior-level management of large claims portfolios. Chase’s current role is focused on providing oversight to Cranmore’s varied projects.

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